+What would I benefit from manufacturing in China?

China offers unrivaled cost saving potential as a global sourcing and manufacturing center due to several reasons:
* Abundant skilled labor force
* Low cost raw materials
* Excellent infrastructure system
* Largest and most sophisticated manufacturing base in the world
All of these advantages work to your benefit, and allow you to save money without compromising the quality of your product.
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+Does the attractive pricing affect the quality?

Our entire purpose is to make sure that this doesn't happen. We work very hard to maintain the highest level of quality in the manufacturing services we offer. Providing our customers with attractive prices is simply not enough; Therefore, We are very strict when it comes to quality assurance. Please read all about our QA process

+Does a South East Asia base create language barriers?

Language barriers are, without a doubt, one of the first issues to arise when western markets start manufacturing in China. With Iget you will actually find a trusted ally not only for bridging over language barriers, but help you overcome cultural barriers as well. On one hand, we are a western oriented company who speaks your language and understands your needs, while on the other, we are deeply rooted in the local culture and language used to conduct business. You can enjoy global manufacturing capabilities, but get the focused attention of a local partner.

+Are my project details confidential with Iget?

We take our customers' information safety very seriously. We have a trusted network of manufacturing partners, with all of whom we have extensive experience and a wide history of successful projects. Moreover – a confidentiality agreement (NDA) is signed to assure legal protection of your project.

+Can I schedule an onsite visit at the manufacturer?

Of course! Many of our customers have already visited the factory in which their product was manufactured. We encourage you to make use of our representatives onsite, arrange a tour at the factory and witness the high standards maintained throughout the manufacturing process in person.

+Do your factories comply with environmental standards?

At Iget we don't only think it is necessary to meet environmental regulations, we also believe it is our responsibility to take all steps necessary to protect our environment. This is why our factories all have the required certification, and keep the highest standards in order to maintain an environmental-friendly work-space.